School Logo

Manor Primary School

'Lighting the fires of our future'

School Logo

Manor Primary School

'Lighting the fires of our future'


School Values

Our MANOR Values

Manor Primary School – Lighting the fires of our future


Our Vision

Manor Primary is a small, friendly school at the heart of the village community. We provide challenge and support at every level, and drive for success through our high expectations, in a safe and secure environment. Our teamwork develops respect and tolerance whilst valuing independence and creativity. We are forward-thinking and passionate about learning, inspiring children now, creating possibilities and building dreams. Above all else we are a happy school where life-long friendships are forged.


We are a family-sized foundation school with a nursery, and are proud to be a member of the Tame Valley Cooperative Learning Trust (TVCLT) with other local schools, Thomas Barnes and Longwood Primary, as well as other partner schools that we work closely with such as St Leonard's, Mary Howard, St Andrew's and All Saints.

We are very proud of our school and the work we do here to raise all of our pupils' achievement and to ensure that all our learners make the very best possible progress.

We endeavour to provide a learning environment where children feel happy, safe, cared for and are able to discover and celebrate their different strengths and talents.


Our pupils are very proud of their behaviour and the effort they make to improve their learning in reading, writing and mathematics as well as all other curriculum areas.

By working closely with parents, schools in the TVCLT, our local community and with other organisations, we aim to build strong and effective home-school partnerships, which help children to blossom and to achieve their full potential.


School Aims:

The key aim of our school is for all of our pupils to make the greatest possible progress with their learning and to leave us at the end of year 6 as well-rounded individuals, responsible citizens, successful learners and effective contributors.


In order to achieve these overall aims the school promotes and fosters the following values:


Spiritual, Moral and Social

To encourage children to have an appreciation and respect for ideas and beliefs different to their own and to respect the religious convictions of others.

To emphasise the principles which distinguish right from wrong. To acquire a set of moral values and have the confidence to make and hold moral judgements

To help children develop an awareness of self and a sensitivity to others.

To help children to take responsibility, to participate appropriately in the community and to develop an understanding of citizenship.


Values and attitudes

To encourage qualities of self-discipline, confidence, perseverance, independence and a pride in their own achievements.


Communication Skills

To help the children to develop the ability to read fluently, accurately, with understanding, feeling and discrimination.

To help them be able to communicate clearly and confidently in speech and writing, in ways appropriate for various occasions and purposes.

To help them develop the ability to listen attentively and with understanding.

To help them develop the ability to work co-operatively with others, involving contributing and comprehending ideas


Skills of Observation, Discovery and Experimentation

To help children develop the skills to investigate problems, find solutions and interpret evidence.

To help children develop an awareness and interest in the geographical, historical and social aspects of the environment and to be aware of other times and places.

To be able to observe living and inanimate things and to recognise characteristics such as pattern and order.


Creative Skills

To encourage the development of various means of self expression and creativity through speech, writing, art, music, movement etc.


Physical Skills

To help the children develop agility and physical co-ordination, confidence in and through physical activity and the ability to express feeling through movement.


Mathematical Skills

To teach children to apply computational skills with speed and accuracy.

To help children understand the applications of mathematical ideas in various situations


Information Communication Technology

To help the children learn how to acquire information from various sources and to record information and findings in various ways.

To give the children opportunities to use information sources and I.T. tools to solve problems and support learning in a variety of contexts.


Abilities and Aptitudes

To enhance the particular capabilities of each child, and to develop those gifts through appropriate learning experiences and activities.