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Phonics and Early Reading at Manor Primary School


We follow the Letters and Sounds Phonic Programme. Children are assessed and then grouped homogenously according to reading ability.

Children are taught:

  • To read and spell three sets of sounds
  • To read phonetically decodable books
  • Work on comprehension skills
  • To always speak in sentences and to use expression when reading texts
  • Writing activities linked to the book


We also follow our own spelling, grammar and punctuation programme in KS2 for some children. This reinforces the phases that have been taught previously in Key Stage 1 and
helps to improve reading and writing skills.



Most days there is a 20-30 minute guided reading session from year one to year six. This is when much of the structured teaching of reading takes place.

The teachers plan a whole class text for the children to work on through the unit. The text is read together with any new vocabulary explored and understanding ensured. Teachers set challenging and enriching follow up activities that link to the text the group has been reading and that develop the different domains of reading skills such as inference and deduction, information retrieval and understanding of vocabulary. We use a combination of tasks to develop greater understanding of reading that will extend the children's thinking. The class teacher keeps a close record of the progress and achievement made by each pupil.



Please click this link to log on to Accelerated Reader. Your child's login details can be found on the inside cover of their Reading Record books.


We have adopted the Accelerated Reader program as part of our comprehensive English curriculum here at Manor Primary. The only way to become really good at understanding what we read is through practice. Reading is a skill; so just like an athlete, if we have a good coach who teaches us ‘how’; it is up to us to practice perfecting that skill. The only way to get better at reading is to … READ!


What is Accelerated Reader?

AR is a program used to motivate pupils to increase their reading & vocabulary comprehension and guide them to independent reading. AR is a very popular reading program; used in nearly 60,000 schools. There is a proven link between strong reading skills and academic success – great readers make great pupils! This compliments the school’s goal of having each Manor pupil read independently at least 20-30 minutes per day at home.


Online Program

With the AR Online web-based program, our pupils are no longer limited to read only the books in our library to participate. Pupils not only have access to over 1,000 books available through our school library, but the public library, home library & book store as well. You may check for AR test availability at AR Book Find.

How does AR work?

  1. Each pupil is tested & assigned a reading range known as a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development – basically, the right level of challenge to stretch the child’s ability without being too hard) & given a point goal.

  2. Pupils then choose an AR book based on their interest and reading level (ZPD).
  3. When they have finished reading the book, the pupil takes the AR quiz to assess comprehension.
  4. The pupil earns points for mastering the material on the test. They earn full points by answering all test questions correctly. (Pupils who average at least an 80% on tests taken are considered to understand what they read at an average level.)
  5. The class teacher or the child will write in their reading record book when they have completed a quiz and what they scored. If your child scored less than 50% they will be asked to re-read the book, between 50%-100% they will be able to choose another book at the same ZPD point. Once they have scored between 80%-100% 3 times in a row they will be able to move to the next ZPD point in their range. Of course, the class teacher’s professional judgement may mean that some children move up after one or two times or may need to go to the ZPD below. This will be judged on an individual basis.
  6. The tests are repeated termly to track changes in ZPD. These tests will help to inform teachers and their planning.

What makes it FUN?

We strongly support the AR reading program. It’s a great way to encourage reading and have a positive, fun experience. Pupils love enjoying reading and are motivated to reach personal points goals and enjoy the challenge of completing quizzes online. We have also introduced an element of competition to see who can read the most words in each class and be a 'Reading Champion' each half term. 


How can you help your child?

  1. Promote reading at home: encourage them to read; read to them, let them see you reading & encourage them to carry their book wherever they go – so they are always ready to read!
  2. Ask about the current book they are reading and their point goals. Congratulate them when they reach their goal.
  3. Donate AR books from our book fairs to the library so we can continue to expand our offerings for the pupils.
  4. Cheer on your child and start growing a reader today!
If you have any concerns or queries about this new and exciting system please speak to your child’s class teacher or Mr Robson